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With six highly respected offices serving a variety of different communities, it was important that we had some continuity. Combined, our agencies have over 150 years’ experience, and we currently employ more than 90 staff across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and Middlesex. “Alexander & Co was established almost 50 years ago. Based in Dunstable, its rich in heritage, experience, and has a reputation for giving customers the very best service – everything we stand for today. In this conteOn Friday 1st June, Matt Wood took the next step in his career with Alexander & Co Estate Agents. For the last four years, Matt has been the Senior Sales Negotiator at our branch in Dunstable; now he will take on the position of Sales Manager at our branch in Aylesbury. Matt’s new team have welcomed him to their family but what do you know about one of our most popular and experienced Sales Negotiators? To get to know Matt, we have asked him a few questions, all property-related of course!

What got you into property?

“I started off working at a local aquatics store when I was 16, as I had an interest in keeping fish at the weekends. The owner was keen on maintaining a good reputation but liked to drive sales, so he set an incentive and override payments for single transactions put through the till over £140. This kicked me into selling and I earnt well from the work and also generated a lot of repeat business, so the boss rewarded me for this. When I left Sixth Form, I went to college and upon passing, I started a career in a travel agency as I loved a) holidays, b) upselling environment and c) customer service. I spent five years there and during my time I had the privilege of visiting exotic locations including Dubai when the Palm Islands were being built, Malaysia (I shook the King’s hand at the colours of Malaysia parade), Borneo where I did jungle trekking, Kenya where I did a hot air balloon ride at 5am over the Masi Mara, Thailand, Vegas, LA and a Star Clipper Sail ship Cruise around the smaller, lesser known Carribean Islands. At one stage I was having 4-6 holidays a year, however when I hit 25 that was the wake-up call to think about moving out of my parent's house, plus I had no savings.

A friend of mine mentioned there was an opening at the estate agents he worked at, so I walked in with my CV said: ‘when do I start?’ The job was mine and I started in a business that would help me grow my customer service in a sales environment. In 2006, I completed on my first property and moved in. I then went to work for a recruitment company during the recession, however, nine months later I was back at my previous company on the letting side, where I worked up to Senior Property Manager and was there for six years. During my time I managed a portfolio of over 300 properties, undertook two-thirds of the checkouts a month (usually around 25-30 on average), valuations, viewings, maintenance and tenancy contracts. A few years passed and I had the opportunity to further my career; I chose Alexander & Co over two other companies (ironically Hartwells now A&Co Aylesbury). The rest is history.

What do you love most about working for Alexander & Co?

I love the team-based effort we all put in, working with like-minded business professionals all out to achieve the same result: sales and customer satisfaction. I respect the company as they have shown a lot of respect for me. The fact the owners are ‘normal’, and you can speak to them truthfully and as ‘one of you’ rather than have sweats and think ‘oh can’t talk to the boss’, makes it feel like a big family. The days are always different, and I get a personal buzz inside when I make someone happy, see one of my listings go live, have someone come in having been referred by someone I’ve dealt with.

What’s your favourite property TV programme?

I enjoy watching DIY SOS & Grand Design but currently I’m loving Escape To The Chateau.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Turkey. It has history, culture, beautiful beaches, heat, food, drink, plenty of space.

What is your second love, next to property?

My kids, Chelsea FC, Snowboarding/skiing and the wife!

We hope Matt’s wife doesn’t read this! You now know a little bit more about Aylesbury’s newest team member, if you have a property to sell or are looking to buy in this area contact our team on 01296 710200.

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