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Here at Alexander & Co, our teams are passionate about property and keen to provide the best service they can. We are lucky enough to have team members who have worked in the same area for many years, so they know the local market and amenities, and are always aware of what’s happening in the local area.

So, who better to ask than our fantastic team for their advice on the top questions to ask on sales and lettings viewings?

Here’s what they had to say:

Matthew Wood

Sales Manager

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I always look out for questions such as what’s the chain like? Where is the vendor moving to? And is an extension possible?’ Matt Wood, Sales Manager at Alexander & Co Aylesbury said. ‘Similarly, when I get asked questions about the local amenities, what the water pressure is like, what the internet speed is, and which way the garden faces, I know that the potential buyers are looking at the bigger and visualising themselves in the property. That’s when you know that they’re serious about buying the property, or at least considering it as a very possible option.

Julia Wheatley

Sales Negotiator

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‘I know when someone is serious about a house when they start to ask if there has been much interest and what the seller’s position is,’ said our Dunstable Sales Negotiator, Julia Wheatley.

‘It’s also a good idea to try to gage the seller’s situation. For example, if a house came onto the market last week and has had six offers, there’s less scope to negotiate than if a house has been available for three months and the sellers have personal circumstances that mean they need to sell.

‘It’s always a good sign that people are serious about moving when they start asking about the neighbours, local schools and transport links in more detail, too.’

Renee Booth

Branch Manager

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‘For lettings, you know a prospective tenant is serious about a property when they start asking questions about council tax bands, whether bills are included or not, if the property offers allocated or off-street parking, or if they can decorate,’ says Renee Booth, Branch Manager of our Bicester office.

‘For properties in a block, it’s always good to hear tenants ask about service or block management charges, as these can have an added cost to a property.’

Rebecca Carter

Sales & Lettings Negotiator

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‘In our Harrow branch, we work a lot more with properties that area leasehold, or have ground rent than Aylesbury, Bicester or Dunstable,’ says Rebecca Carter, our Sales & Lettings Negotiator. ‘It’s always good to hear tenants asking about these types of things, as it means that they’re really considering the property, and trying to understand as much as they can about it.

‘I’m always encouraged by potential tenants who ask about how long the property has been on the market, and when it’s available, too, as this implies they’re working to a timeline, and we can get the ball rolling fairly quickly.’

Stuart McMillan

Associate Director - Lettings

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Stuart McMillan, our Associate Director of Lettings in Dunstable said: ‘I always like to hear when people ask about whether the let is long- or short-term, whether pets are allowed, and what types of deposits are available for the property – zero deposit or standard – and how much these are. These are all elements that impact on a potential tenant. When these types of questions are being asked, it’s a sign that the tenant is getting ready to commit themselves to the property.

‘It’s always good when tenants ask whether or not the property is managed by us here at Alexander & Co, as this can make or break a deal, dependent on previous letting experiences.’

So there you have it, sound advice from people who conduct viewings every day. And here’s one last piece of advice: make a list of all the questions you have about the property, and take these with you to the viewing. Our team will always be on-hand to answer any questions you have, and if we can’t give you the answer then and there, we’ll always come back to you with an answer shortly afterwards.

Happy viewing!

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