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We all know that moving house can be hard work: navigating the process of buying and selling can be stressful, not to mention trying to pack up old home. If communication is lacking, it can feel like the world has ground to a halt and, with a slow solicitor pushing the deal through, the excitement of moving house can easily be lost as the transaction trudges along.

At Alexander & Co, we only work with conveyancers we know can deliver. For us, it’s a matter of pride: pride in the service we provide as well as the companies we partner with. When we recommend a legal firm to you, we know that they will deliver because they’re proven they can before; we want to be the best, so we only work with the best.

When it comes to moving house, we understand it’s all about you: what you want, what you need, your personal choices. However, sometimes your personal choices – particularly when they come to solicitors – don’t necessarily mean the best deal for you. You might think you’re getting the best deal with the advisor you’ve used for years; but, in our opinion, it’s always worth looking around for the best deals and checking what you can get elsewhere.

We use a bespoke platform that will quickly provide you with a number of legal firms to choose from, where the costs are broken down for each and every step of the transaction.

Hive allows you to compare conveyancing costs from our trusted solicitors, so you get not only the best service, but also the best deal for you. You can choose from local solicitors who you will be able to meet face to face if you wish to do so, through to a new breed of solicitor who have adopted new technologies and reduced the average time taken to reach completion by up to a month.

Our preferred solicitors include:

Ask Legal

A V Rillo

Evolve Law

Key Conveyancing Solicitors

Parrott and Coales

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