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26th May 2021

Why it could be the right time to think buy-to-let

As tough as the UK’s lockdowns over the past 15 months have been for different sections of the population, opportunities may come out of this exceptional period of time.

Sitting on extra cash?

With spending habits changing, some people may have saved more money than normal in the past year or so. Rather than sit on this cash, how about investing in property? According to figures from Aviva in April this year, 1 in 10 UK adults aged 35-45 have made plans to buy an investment property in the next 12 months, and are keen to get onto the ‘buy-to-let ladder’.

Perhaps you’re looking into ways to use your lockdown savings. Perhaps you’ve received a bonus through work. Perhaps you’ve inherited a sum of money. Whatever your circumstances, owning a buy-to-let property could make your money work harder than it is at the moment. After all, property has shown itself to be a good investment over the years.

Here to guide first time landlords.

‘People can come to Alexander & Co as a one-stop-shop. The first time you buy an investment property, it’s important to have someone to guide you through the process,’ explains Paul Broomham, Director at Alexander & Co.

The team at Alexander & Co offers all the advice you need: on the right areas to buy a property that will attract tenants; on charging enough rent to cover the mortgage commitment; and on the growth potential of the property.

‘Once people have their finances in order and know what they can borrow, our team can work with them to find the right investment property.’ Paul continues: ‘We can also find the tenant and manage the property, for a stress-free investment.’

With the network and subsequent coverage Alexander & Co now has, we’re well placed to advise on different demographics, different tenants and different budgets, helping people achieve the right entry point into this market.

A long-term investment, not a quick earner.

Some first-time buyers are buying a property by taking advantage of current stamp duty relief and putting down a relatively small deposit; with the intention of living in it for a couple of years, and then moving out to let the property.

‘Buy-to-let is a longer term investment. As long as you’re in it for the long term, it can be a profitable investment,’ comments Paul. ‘The monthly return isn’t necessarily going to make you rich; but if you keep it for a long enough period, the capital gain is there to help you make a significant increase on what you originally put down.’

Take Aylesbury, for example.

Over the past 12 months, property prices in Aylesbury (a popular area for buy-to-let) have increased by 5%. Over 3 years, that figure is 7%; and over 5 years, it’s 22%. When it comes to long let yields, one-bedroom properties come out at 5.2%, while two-beds show a 4.5% yield.

Helping you start the journey.

Why not start talking with our team? They’re on hand to discuss the best investment for you, the right areas, and the type of property for the money you have available. It could be the start of an exciting landlord journey!

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