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22nd July 2021

How clients stay updated, reassured and in control

For some people, just thinking about putting their home on the market gives them a headache. When it comes to helping clients sell their property, we have the people with the experience and dedication to take the stress out of the process. It’s our job to present the facts, offer expert reassurance, proactively facilitate and come up with the right solutions. It’s your home: you’re the one in control.

It starts with accuracy

What matters at the start is listing a property at a realistic, sensible price. If it’s worth more, the seller will get higher offers. Putting it onto the market at too high a price can have a negative impact, and drastically reduce foot traffic.

“We give an accurate opinion on price. We look at what the statistics say and what demand could be for a property’s best placement on the market,” explains Matt Wood, Sales Manager at Alexander& Co in Aylesbury.

The reassurance to move ahead

When clients decide they want to sell, we listen to what they want to achieve and discuss their ideal timescales. It’s a fast-moving market currently, but we communicate regularly and clearly from the start, and don’t make any false promises.

The concern at the moment for some sellers is that they won’t have anywhere to go, as there are so few houses on the market, so offering reassurance is important. If you want to find a new home, unless you list your current property, you won’t be able to react if the right house does come along; and you’ll keep missing out (if you get an offer on your house, you can always decline).

“Selling right now is a bit easier than in recent years, but you’ve got to be in it,” Matt explains. “Or else, if your dream house comes onto the market, you’re simply not going to get it. If you’ve got the best buyer lined up for your home, you’ve got the best opportunity to get the house you want.”

Any tips for selling quickly?

Of course, it’s wise to do everything you can to make your house appealing when preparing for photographs and virtual tours. Without the right photography, a property can sometimes be dismissed when it’s launched.

As well as a good clean throughout and de-cluttering, conveying a sense of space is also worthwhile, Matt advises: “You want to create as much floor space as possible: pushing furniture back towards the walls will help to achieve this.”

Matt goes on to describe other ways Alexander & Co can add value and make the process easier: “We’ll recommend solicitors and give the properties the best exposure. The little extras that we do can make all the difference.”

Monitoring and communicating progress

We listen to our clients and discuss the right way ahead for them. Sometimes this may mean taking a lesser offer if it looks as though it might be the safer bet (a cash offer with no chain, for example).

Once a price is agreed, the work of our dedicated sales progression team comes into play. This team keeps clients updated on the progress of their sale throughout the process, looking at the chain from top to bottom. It’s their job to get timely information from a number of different third parties, such as mortgage lenders and solicitors, and communicate this to sellers.

“Often, buyers picking up keys from us will say that we’ve given them more information than their agent did!” Matt adds.

Best and final offer

On occasions, a property is listed and the seller receives six or seven offers, for example, all of which are from parties who are quite similar in their position to buy. It can be difficult to distinguish between these offers, and identify the optimum buyer. This is when we may suggest a ‘best and final offer’ situation, and move forward in this way if the seller agrees.

Service that goes further, and brings people back

When it comes to helping people sell their home, a lot of our job is problem solving and communicating. We don’t overpromise and we don’t under-deliver, proven by the high number of returning clients.

We’re always ready to facilitate the process to keep things moving and help the chain progress. If this means thinking outside the box, or going the extra mile by organising storage or removal teams, etc., we have the experience, contacts and ingenuity to do it.

We’re delighted that clients come back to us because we’ve done a good job for them before; and their friends and family also come to us after we’ve been recommended. Going the extra mile really does mean extra happy sellers.

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