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4th November 2021

Why now is a good time to sell

There’s been a surge in demand and lack of supply in the property market for some time now, but people are often cautious to sell at this particular time of the year. We want to reassure you, if you’re thinking of selling or are already in the process, it’s the most wonderful time of the year to be a seller. We spoke to Ben McIntyre, Branch Manager at Macintyers in partnership with Alexander & Co, to get his view on selling over the festive period.

Is it worth starting the process as a seller now?

It's a good time to start the process as a seller because stock levels are low, which can focus buyers’ attention on properties currently available on the market. Starting the selling process at this stage means your property is more likely to receive strong interest because of limited choice, and those that are buying tend to be serious.

What happens if I wait until the new year?

We would expect there to be more choice of properties in the new year, which would begin to give buyers more options and therefore move the market away from a seller’s to a buyer’s market.

Our tips to getting that all important sale:

1.Be organised

Appoint a solicitor, arrange your mortgage and instruct a surveyor quickly to get the process underway. It’s perfectly feasible to complete the sale of a home in a matter of weeks if it involves a highly motivated seller, buyer and external team who can facilitate a quick move. These things do need to be pushed, so being organised could lead to a quicker move.

2.Be prepared

If you’re thinking of selling in the new year, make sure you keep your photography up-to-date. Don’t photograph the garden in January/February, take pictures now, when the garden is more lush and the light is better. Similarly, if you have photos with snow in the garden or the Christmas tree up, be sure to update them in the new year.

3.Dress to impress

Depending on the season, dress your home accordingly. At this time of year, buyers will be thinking of Christmas, so greet them with a beautiful wreath on the front door. The property should be decluttered and freshly scented: consider filling the home with a festive fragrance to capture buyers’ imagination. If it’s warm and cosy inside, potential buyers will imagine themselves living there

4.Consider the price

If the property isn’t selling, price could be a factor. When the photographs are of a good quality and it’s being marketed as strongly as possible, then pricing could be an important tool in speeding up the sale of the property.

Waiting until January to put your property on the market might mean you’re met with greater competition. The added benefit of having it on the market over the holiday period is that people have more time to look at properties. In 2014, Rightmove reported that:

** ‘Nearly half a million people visited Rightmove on Christmas Day last year and more than one million on New Year’s Day!’

In our experience, as people near the end of the year they start thinking of new beginnings. During this time, they’ll be seeing their family and friends and talking about their further plans, leading to buyers who a serious about making an offer.

At Alexander & Co, we believe you can choose to sell your property at any time of the year, but what’s more important is making sure it's the right time for you. However, if you’re worried that Christmas might affect the sale of your property, we think it may actually move you ahead of the competition.

If, after reading this article, you want to know more or need help with the sale of your property, please get in touch with our team of little helpers today.

**Quote taken from RightMove article 'Get ready for the spike in traffic during the festive period with a digital marketing campaign’.

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