6 home staging tips to get your property sold

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6 home staging tips to get your property sold

We all love our homes, and we’ve decorated them in a way that is to our taste. They often express our personality, and passions, and they hold countless memories. Although the time comes when we know it’s time to say goodbye, it still holds a special place in our heart. The difficult part of selling your home is changing how you view your property, from a home to a property for sale.

To achieve the ‘property for sale’ look, we use what are called home staging techniques. Follow them, and you increase the chances of your property being SOLD.

Where to begin?

When should you begin preparing your home for sale? The sooner you start, the less stressful it will be. You may not have made the decision to sell yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start to organise your home, just in case.


Your first step is to de-clutter your home. As you look around all the ‘stuff’ you have stored and piled in every room, cupboard, and drawer, you may start to get overwhelmed. We always recommend you take a room or an object at a time, such as books. The question to keep asking yourself is: will I really need this when I move? Be honest!


Once you’ve de-cluttered, you’ll start to be able to see your home more clearly, and scuffs, scrapes and breakages will become more evident. It’s easy to look at your home with blinkered eyes, so try and walk around the home as if you were a potential buyer; it will be amazing the things you’ll notice.

Make all the necessary repairs and don’t forget to freshen up the décor. Where possible, keep the interiors to a neutral scheme rather than making bold statements. Remember, soon this won’t be your home, which is why you’re transforming it into a property for sale.


Once the works have finished it’s time to do that all-important deep clean. Buyers are nosey; it’s a natural instinct to want to open doors and peer inside, so remember that your fridge, dishwasher, and other appliances may be judged. It’s funny what can turn a buyer off, but a mouldy fridge or a smelly dishwasher can spark niggles in the mind of a buyer, so get them clean.


A dark room can give a gloomy impression of a property, which is why you want your home flooded with light. Natural light is always preferable, so make sure any curtains and blinds are open and your windows have had a good clean. Not all viewings will take place during the day, so use lamps to add warmth to spaces and don’t forget an outside light for a welcoming touch.


You may have a spare or a multi-purpose room in your home to suit the way that you and your family live. Buyers are looking for well-defined spaces, so try and ensure that each space has a clear purpose. A dining room should have a place to eat, and a bedroom a bed.

Only the beginning

Make a start with staging your home for sale by following these tips. We will share more home staging advice in the weeks to come.

If you’re selling your home and would like an honest opinion on what changes you can make to improve its saleability, chat to a member of our sales team at your local branch of Alexander & Co.

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