5 signs that you’re ready to move home

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5 signs that you’re ready to move home

They are out there, lurking, that strange breed of human that actually enjoys moving home. They live amongst us, briefly settled and always with one eye on the property market. These strange people may seem alien to the average man on the street, but they have a talent for knowing when it is the right time to move. Not all of us have such a gift, and you may have some frustrations not knowing the signs that to move is what you need. 

So, what are these signs, and how do you know when it’s time to move home?

  1. Because the market says so

Every paper you pick up is shouting about how it is a seller’s market, estate agents confirm the media’s rumblings and you’re keen to make a profit. You’ve seen ‘for sale’ boards around your neighbourhood that are quickly turning to ‘sold’ and so the property market is signalling that now is the time to sell.
But just because the market says it’s time to move, doesn’t mean it’s the right time for you. If your heart isn’t it in, no matter what profit you could achieve, you may find yourself unwittingly hindering the sale by your actions.

  1. They got what???

Are you keeping up with the Joneses? A house on your street may have gone on the market, you can’t believe the asking price, and when you learn that they have achieved close to or above the asking price your head spins. “They got what?!” Nothing breeds excitement for selling like knowing that a neighbouring property has won in the game of the local property market.
Be careful of believing the hype; although your property may be on the same street, there could be other factors that might influence the property’s value. Seek professional advice and be prepared for a different valuation, fighting for a higher value than suggested by an estate agent could prove detrimental to you achieving a sale at all.

  1. You’re financially stretched

It’s rare that we find ourselves on an even keel for years. Circumstances can change, jobs, children, and other factors can play their part in boosting or stressing your financial situation. You may even be looking to enhance your lifestyle, and having a bit more money to play with is an attractive proposition. Moving home could provide you with the light relief you are seeking and therefore the idea keeps milling around in your mind.

Before you place your house on the market, do your research to ensure you can find a cheaper home that will give you the pleasure and ‘home’ feeling your current one brings

  1. You’ve expanded but your home hasn’t

It may have started as a home for one, but now there is another person and perhaps some little ones crammed into every inch of your property’s footprint. This home holds way too many memories, but it’s starting to lose its appeal, as is living on top of one another. The reality hits that you’ve expanded but your home hasn’t.

Needing more space is one of the main reasons people seek to move home. No matter what you decide, don’t make any rash decisions that you could end up regretting

  1. It’s no longer the love of your life

It may have been the home of your dreams when you bought it, but as the years have passed, the sparkle it once had within its walls has faded. Tiny things that you thought were endearing have now started to niggle and you have to face facts: you’ve fallen out of love with your home. It’s ok, it happens.

When the niggles start to happen, you need to take action. If you continue to live in a home you don’t love you may not keep on top of its upkeep and maintenance, the décor may start to look tired and forlorn, and your home will start to look unloved too. An unloved home will be more difficult to sell and will more than likely achieve a lower sales price than a loved one.

You’ve seen the signs

f you’ve seen the signs that it’s time to move home, come and speak to a member of our sales team at your local branch of Alexander & Co. [please could you re-add the hyperlink that was at ‘Alexander & Co’ to the branch page:  https://www.alexanderandco.co.uk/contact-us


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