What matters to you when choosing an estate agent?

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What matters to you when choosing an estate agent?

With the high street, online and hybrid estate agents all vying to win your business, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for in an estate agent when selling your home. Is price a deciding factor, or are you looking for a quality service?

The property website Zoopla has been asking the same question, and their findings show that transparency is at the top of many sellers’ lists. Is it on yours?

“There are two themes that emerge from the top five items listed by consumers. First, is the overall offer from the agent covering transparency on fees, value for money and the level of marketing proposed for the property. Second, is the property valuation and the ability to negotiate the best price,” said Zoopla Managing Director, Charlie Bryant.

“Our findings also show that vendors want their money to work harder for them in the current climate: 44% of consumer respondents told us that the amount of marketing an agent will do is extremely important to their decision to appoint them.”

You and your circumstances are unique; therefore, at Alexander and Co, providing the same service to every client just wouldn’t work. We have similar thinking when it comes to marketing your property; our in-depth understanding of the local property market means we know what methods will work for one property over another.

Although we seek to attract the widest audience, it also has to be focused towards a target market. Every estate agent can attract buyers, but it’s the right buyers that we want to grab the attention of. This cannot be achieved with a ‘one size fits all approach.’

To negotiate successfully, where each party feels they have a fantastic deal, takes skill. We invest in our team to ensure they are able to perform to the highest standards, achieving the best price for our sellers, whilst supporting our buyers through the process.

Achieving the best price begins with the valuation. We do not believe in overvaluing to win business; nor do we want to undervalue to try and tempt more buyers. Playing this game only leads to frustration and unhappy clients on all sides. We value each and every property honestly, no games and tricks. A true negotiator doesn’t need such tactics.

Transparency is just how we do business. Our teams all live within the local community and they simply want the best for each and every client we serve. Difficult conversations are bound to happen from time to time, but shying away from them doesn’t make the situation any more palatable.

We have helped generations of families, circles of friends, and those moving into the area. When we meet a client for the first time, we want them to choose us for the service and ongoing support we offer. Our reputation is important and we advise you to research an agent before you make your final choice.

When it comes to selling your home, what matters to you?

Should the way the experience makes you feel be the top of your list, then we’re the agent for you.

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