Four essential tips for finding your next home

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Four essential tips for finding your next home

It’s an exciting moment when you take those first intrepid steps toward finding your next home. Maybe it’s your first home, perhaps you’re looking for more space, or you’re rattling around and need something smaller. Whatever your situation, we want to make sure you put yourself in the best possible position to move.

1. Get everything in order

We are all human, so it’s only natural that you’ve had a little nosey at what’s on the market in the area you wish to live in. But before you hit the ground running on your search, make sure you have everything in order.

What we mean here is your finances. Do you have a mortgage in principle in place? This is important: how can you actively search when you don’t know your budget? Without this, any offer may not be secure until your finances are in place, which could mean losing your property of choice.

To book your complimentary financial health check and talk through the thousands of mortgage options, please book your appointment here.

2. There’s only one way to view

It’s easy and addictive to search for property online. You can have a look around the house and even get an idea of the layout through the floor plan and description. But what you are seeing is just a snapshot of what is to come; it won’t give you an accurate insight into the property itself.

There is truly only one way to view a property, and that’s to visit it. Only then will you know if you get that feeling. Only then will you know how big the rooms feel, and how they flow into one another. Viewing and judging from behind a screen means you could be missing out on an amazing property.

3. A restrictive list

You will no doubt have a list of requirements for your new home, but is this list restricting your search? It’s great that you have an idea of what you’re looking for, but we often find that the more houses you view, the more your requirements might change. Then there’s the ‘wild card’, that property that’s absolutely not what you were looking for, but completely steals your heart.

Our advice? View the properties that meet your requirements but also go and see those that don’t tick all your boxes, and some completely off the wall options. You may be surprised by the property you choose.

4. Get on the list

Have you ever tried to view a property only to discover it’s already under offer? Those home hunters in the know understand the importance of registering with proactive estate agents. This isn’t about being placed on a mailing list so that you periodically receive emails with lists of properties. When you register with us, we want to be the agent you buy through. We will keep in touch to find out how your search is going, and also keep looking for properties that we believe will be a dream match. Should we list something that could be of interest, we want to ensure you are one of the first people through the door. Become a VIP, and get on our list.

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