Seven ways your bathroom is freaking out buyers

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Your bathroom is a haven from the chaotic world outside. A place of calm where you can go and relax in a warm bath full of your favourite bubbles and just have some quiet time to yourself. Is your bathroom a serene, blissful dream, or is it giving potential buyers nightmares? Bathrooms are a major factor influencing the decision process when buying a property, so get it right and you could be showered with offers.

1. Tired around the edges

If not maintained, over time all bathrooms can start to look tired around the edges. If not properly ventilated, you may start to see signs of damp; grout can start to wear away, and leave you with mouldy patches. Before you put your home on the market it’s important to ensure your bathroom is in the best of conditions, and touching up the grout and dealing with the mould will make a massive difference.

2. Fading decor

Just as your bathroom suite could be looking tired around the edges, so can your décor. Wallpaper may have started to peel, and you can’t remember the last time the room has seen a paintbrush. There’s no time to waste, use calming natural tones to give your bathroom that 5* hotel feel.

3. Soapingly organised

We all have mountains of clutter in our bathrooms, from bottles to creams to kids’ bath time toys. When you are placing your home on the market, you need to organise the clutter to create the bathroom buyers want to spend time in. Use baskets to tidy away toys and bottles, and put as much away in cupboards as possible, you only want a couple of your nicest toiletries on display.

4. Warm and luxurious

What do your towels say about your bathroom? Brand new towels, all fluffy and perfect, create a sense of luxury, but, over time, washing starts to take this fluffiness away. This is why at Alexander & Co we recommend you have ‘viewing towels’. These are towels you only bring out when you have a viewing; that way they can stay perfect and help to win over buyers.

5. Too much you

Personal items, from hair brushes to make-up, can completely distract buyers. As we’ve already mentioned, try and hide or tidy away as much as possible. Many people like to display personal photographs in their bathroom, but when you’re selling these need to be replaced by something neutral. A buyer can’t start to imagine relaxing in your bathroom when all they can see is images of you and your family, no matter how beautiful.

6. Bright and airy

A classic estate agency quote, but you do want your bathroom to feel bright and airy. If it’s naturally a dark room, think about what extra lighting you can add to brighten it up.

7. The final say

When it comes to your bathroom there’s one piece of sanitary ware that can make your buyers run away, and that’s the toilet. Give it a clean to make it extra sparkling and make sure the toilet seat is down, it gives the room a more inviting feeling.

It doesn’t take much to create that spa-like bathroom buyers are seeking. Don’t forget to add touches such as flowers, and maybe a candle or two, and they will be asking you when they can move in before they leave.

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