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6 top tips for first-time renters

The time has come to rent your first property. You may be moving to the area for work, or have decided it’s time to take that step and have your own space. It doesn’t matter that it’s a rental property, in our eyes you’re searching for a home. A place that you fall in love with, that makes you feel safe and relaxed, and that you can call your own. As exciting as this step may be, you could also feel daunted. Hopefully, our top tips for first-time renters will ease your concerns.

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1. Get your ducks in a row

The state of your finances will play a major part in your success in finding a new home. Make sure you’re doing your best to keep them in order to put yourself in a strong position: pay bills on time, pay off debt promptly, and never miss a payment. Understanding your financial commitments will also help you determine what you can afford in rent.

It can be easy to allow your budget to run away with you. Make sure you have considered bills, insurance, furnishings, as well as enjoying your life. You’re not going to enjoy your new rental home if you can’t afford to live.

2. Heart or head?

Before you start your search, make a list of what’s important to you. Do you want to live close to the centre so you walk to all amenities, making it easy to pop out for a drink with friends? Or is the style, layout and size of the property more important? It’s easy to let your heart rule your search; let your head have a say so you aren’t left with regrets.

3. Furnished or unfurnished?

You may have picked up a few pieces of furniture along the way, or be starting from scratch. There are pros and cons to furnished and unfurnished properties but we just suggest you bear in mind the initial costs of furnishing a property. If you don’t have the savings to do it, maybe a furnished home would be a good place to start.

4. Read before you sign

It isn’t just the landlord who has responsibilities with regards to the property you’re looking to rent, you do too! Don’t rush into signing something you don’t understand, let us walk you through the agreement. There are no silly questions, we’d rather you asked now so there are no misunderstandings during your tenancy.

5. Prevent delays

As part of the pre-tenancy process we will undertake a reference check, this will require you to provide documents to confirm your identity, immigration status, and your employment. If you have these ready to hand it will prevent any delays in you moving into your new home.

6. Double check

In all the excitement of getting the keys, one place where tenants make mistakes is not paying close attention during the inventory check. Your inventory is an agreed record of the condition of the property at the start of your tenancy, and will list any marks and faults. You must highlight any errors and make required changes as soon as possible so it can be updated and won’t have a negative impact on your outgoing inventory.

At Alexander and Co, our lettings team are here to support and guide you through the entire process, so don’t feel you’re on your own. Come and chat to our team and together let’s find you that property to call home as soon as possible.

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