How to sell your house fast without compromising on price

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Isn’t this the ultimate dream? Selling your house quickly and getting the price you want? The sellers that achieve this goal have set about their sale with military precision – they know what needs to be done and how to achieve it. They‘re not bothered about any disruptions as they have their sights firmly set on the property they wish to buy, and they will do what it takes to get there. So how can you sell your house fast without compromising on price?

Change of mindset

You have decided to sell your home, so it’s time to stop seeing it as your ‘home’ and start seeing it as a house for sale. Unless you’re able to do this you can, without realising, often make decisions that are not always in the best interest of the sale. Once you have changed your mindset you need to get your home ready for sale by looking at your property through the eyes of a buyer.

A buyer’s eyes are all-seeing; they will note any tired décor, any clutter, and spot what is broken and needs fixing. Work your way from room to room and don’t forget any outside spaces. You want to get every inch of the place looking its best, so much so that you start to fall in love with your home again – that’s when you know you’re ready.

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Choice of estate agent

If you think all there is to selling a property is popping it on Rightmove, then we’re not the right agent for you. We believe that selling any property is about research, planning and delivering results. An offer is the beginning point, from which negotiations can progress. With strong negotiators throughout our team, we can be confident you won’t have to compromise on price.

That doesn’t mean we play the listing price lottery, pricing your property above where it should be to win your business. By competitively pricing your home, we can ensure that we attract the right buyers and get you the sale you want.

Make yourself scarce

Have you ever wandered around a shop and had the sales assistant on your tail the entire time? You end up rushing and you certainly don’t look at the products properly. You want to give your potential buyers the freedom to see your property without feeling awkward or like they’re in your way.

This is why we conduct the viewings. When buyers feel more at ease they spend longer in a property, and they are more open with their feedback. It also provides us with the opportunity to get to know them better and understand their situation, important information should they make an offer.

It’s not all about the zeros

The best offer and the best buyer are two different things, and you need to assess what each offer comes wrapped up in. If you want to sell your house fast, you want a buyer you can trust, one who is in a strong position and can also move at the speed you want.

How do you want to sell your home?

Are you ready to change your mindset to get your property in the finest of conditions?   Have you done your research to choose the right agent for you and your property? Are you willing to make yourself scarce so your buyers can view your home with ease? And will you remember that the best buyer isn’t all about the zeros? Then you need to call your local branch of Alexander & Co now.

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