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Have you noticed that some sellers seem to have insider information on how to sell their property quickly? Although there is no definite rule book on how to sell a house, many successful sellers have particular habits they adopt to ensure they get the best price for their property. Let us share with you four killer tips from successful sellers.


Choosing the best

People choose an estate agent for different reasons; some may be swayed by recommendations, others by the commission rates each agent charges. Successful sellers do their research; they don’t care about rates; their focus is on the quality of the service they will receive and whether the agent delivers results.

They are looking for an agent who can not only negotiate effectively but is also there for the long haul and will ensure they hold the sale together so you can move smoothly through to completion. It’s important that you ask us as many questions as possible; we need to prove that we are up for the challenge and the best agent for the job.

Correct imperfections

Our homes have to survive the rough and tumble; the bangs, the knocks, the marks and the scratches are just a natural part of family life. There will be blemishes and, when you take a closer look, you will also discover a variety of things that may need to be repaired. Hinges could have come loose, or a fence panel need replacing.

Successful sellers are able to look through their home with a questioning eye; they can see any imperfections and correct them. They can step away from their emotional attachment to ‘their home’ and start to see it as a property for sale. This important change in mindset means they can easily ensure their property is in the finest condition for viewings.


Show home ready

Once in the best of conditions, successful sellers go one step further. From decluttering to cleaning and then on to staging, they never miss a trick in ensuring their home is show home ready. It isn’t just about how your home looks but, more importantly, how it feels.

If you make it too stark it can feel unwelcoming, which is why successful sellers use a variety of home staging techniques to bring a home to life. This means from the moment a potential buyer walks through the door they will feel warm and cosy and, more importantly, at home.

Rapid responses

‘One of the biggest reasons for sales falling through is delays, which are easily caused should one person in the chain not respond quickly. Successful sellers understand this and so do everything they can to keep the sale moving forward,’ says Renee Booth, Branch Manager. ‘At Alexander & Co we take some of this stress away for you, as we liaise with your chain to make sure you are updated regularly, we also chase hard to ensure your move happens as soon as possible.’

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It could be you

There are no secret powers to becoming a successful seller, but with these four killer tips you are heading in the right direction to get your home sold. For more advice on how to sell your home quicker, contact a member of our sales team today.

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