Why renting in Harrow is such a good idea

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Why renting in Harrow is such a good idea

Along with queuing and complaining, the British obsession with owning our homes has been deeply rooted in our national mindset. However, in the last twenty years, things have started to change. As we move to towards a more continental attitude to tenure, the advantages of renting in Harrow are coming to the fore, and landlords are reaping the rewards.

Perhaps one of the main benefits of renting in Harrow is the exceptionally good transport connectivity. Being able to move around the city easily and freely is a key priority for most renters. For instance Baker Street is only a 20 minute tube ride from Harrow-on-the-Hill. It's also perfectly placed for those needing to travel out of the city.

There’s also the matter of price. Renting often works out to be cheaper than owning your home, and any problems that may arise with dishwashers, washing machines or other household appliances are taken care of by the landlord. That means you’re saving on hefty repair bills and generally have fewer outgoings.

Long gone are the days when renting was a sub-standard option. There are plenty of options now, from apartments to large family homes. The flexibility of choice also means that tenants can be more selective about the type of property into which they want to move. Equally the abundance of renters has put upward pressure on rents encouraging landlords to invest further in the sector.

If you’re moving into a rental property, it will be the finished article and certainly won’t be a ‘doer-upper’. You also have the choice of whether you want it furnished or unfurnished. These kind of conveniences aren’t available when you buy a home, and you will often find yourself having to compromise so your budget doesn’t spiral out of control.

As you can see, there are plenty of favourable factors when it comes to renting a property, rather than buying one. Freedom, convenience and price - these are all factors that play a significant part in people’s renting decisions. If you want to know more about the Harrow rental market, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak with a property expert.

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